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Every day I promise myself I’m going to go to bed earlier than the night before. And it NEVER happens. I’ve recently made a habit of shutting every electronic off by 10:00pm and picking up a book. This usually does the trick, I normally fall sleep 15 minutes in to reading. I find that calming my mind down before going to sleep helps me get the best night of sleep possible. While there is always that restless night of sleep, getting a good night of sleep is imperative to your health.

Our bodies heal, our immune systems get revitalized, hormones and metabolism is balances and overall maintenance take place during sleep. A good night’s sleep, not just once in a while, but on an ongoing basis, is absolutely critical for your good health.

Here are some tips to getting that best night of sleep courtesy of Goop:


1. Wake Up Right

2. Take Mindfulness Breaks

3. Get Some Natural Sunlight Every Day

4. Exercise

5. Avoid Caffeine

6. Try an Elimination Diet

7. Eat In Accordance With Your Body Rhythms

8. Pay Attention to Your Medications



1. Create a Regular Routine

2. Keep the Room As Dark As Possible

3. Keep the Room Cool

4. Block Out Noise

5. Skip Sleeping Pills

6. Don’t Use Alcohol to Fall Asleep

7. Take Nutrients That Calm Down the Nervous System

8. Try Some Melatonin at Night

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