Investment Pieces

Last year, I bought my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels. Adding the Pigalle Follies 100mm to my closet is a decision I don’t regret whatsoever. I’ve been fortunate enough to add a few other investment pieces to my closet over the years and I’m always looking for something else to add, but before doing so, I always ask myself the questions below:

  1. Is it timeless?
  2. What’s the cost per wear?
  3. Have I thought this through?
  4. Don’t settle
  5. What it is going to take to maintain?

Throughout my research I’ve found a list of investment pieces every woman should consider adding to her closet if she’s able to. I’m a big budgeter and don’t spend beyond by means, but every once in a while it’s nice to treat yourself.

  1. A tailored black blazer
  2. A little black dress
  3. A beautiful timepiece
  4. A handbag
  5. Signature jewelry
  6. A classic trench coat
  7. A pair of beautiful classic shoes

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