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Meet my new obsession: Lagree Fitness. While there are a few similarities between traditional pilates and Lagree Fitness, there’s quite a few differences that make LF that much harder and an overall better workout.

Here’s a list of things that make Lagree Fitness that much better than traditional pilates:

Machine: First and foremost the machines are different. The machine used in LF classes is called a megaformer, where a TP machine is called a reformer. The megaformer is wider and lighter and has adjustable handlebars for different exercises.

Timing: One of the biggest differences is the timing. Usually, exercises last from 1-2 minutes. Specially, exercises are usually slow movements and target slow twitch muscle fibers. Compared to TP which targets the fast twitch muscle fibers.

Reps: Typically, movements last for 4-6 seconds for 1-2 minutes. This continuous slow movement allows for you to really work and target your muscles throughout the entire class period.

Muscle focus: Exercises on the megaformer allow you to focus on certain or all muscle groups at once. While it does take a few classes to get the hang of things on the megaformer, it becomes so much easier once you do. The best thing about LF is that you can NEVER plateau, you can always take it to the next level.

Core: Every exercise includes using your core. Given that your core is your powerhouse, it makes sense that you have to use your core in each exercise. A lot of the exercises in LF challenge your stability, leading you to work on your core.

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