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One of my favorite parts about visiting NYC two months ago was taking a class at Rumble Boxing. I always love trying different workouts, so I figured why not try a boxing-inspired class during my birthday week. I follow Noah Neiman (cofounder of Rumble) on Instagram, and if you’re obsessed with all things Bravo like I am, once upon a time you saw him on Work Out New York. So naturally, I signed up for his class.

All I have to say about Noah is he is an AWESOME instructor and would take another class with him in a heartbeat the next time I am in NYC.

About the Rumble

  • Website:
  • Location: 146 W 23rd St.
  • Price: $34 for 2 classes (new clients); $34 per class
  • Amenities: Filtered water, showers, towels, lockers
  • Gloves are available for $3 and wraps for $6

About the workout 

  • Incorporates boxing and strength training
  • Is a combination of HIIT and METCON
  • 45 minute long work broken into two parts: First half you’ll jab away at the tear-drop style, water filled bags. Second, you are at a designated station doing strength and conditioning exercises
  • Music is on point

Would I go back? Absolutely! Really hoping Rumble expands to the West Coast


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