Etiquette Rules to Follow

We’re at the peak of summer and that means lots of socializing. Be it a wedding, a group dinner, a birthday party or a small initmate dinner, there are certain etiquette mistakes you’re most likely making.

Things to keep in mind whether you’re attending or throwing an event:

  1. Shaking hands: Do not shake hands when seated. Always stand (regardless of gender) to shake someone’s hand if they approach you when seated
  2. Glass with a stem: If it has a stem, this is where you should hold it
  3. Invitations: Don’t say “please RSVP”. You are saying the same thing (RSVP = répondez s’il vous plaît = please respond)
  4. Greeting someone: Sometimes is a handshake other times it’s one kiss (right cheek to right cheek) in USA. However, if you’re abroad it could be two or three depending on the country
  5. Guest of honor: If you’re throwing an event, remember that your guest of honor should sit to the right of the host(ess)
  6. End of a meal: Pinch your napkin in the middle and place to the left go your plate to signal you are finished eating

These simple reminder can help you make the best of impressions at all social functions 🙂

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