Clean Sleep

Every day I promise myself I’m going to go to bed earlier than the night before. And it NEVER happens. I’ve recently made a habit of shutting every electronic off by 10:00pm and picking up a book. This usually does the trick, I normally fall sleep 15 minutes in to reading. I find that calming my mind down before going to sleep helps me get the best night of sleep possible. While there is always that restless night of sleep, getting a good night of sleep is imperative to your health.

Our bodies heal, our immune systems get revitalized, hormones and metabolism is balances and overall maintenance take place during sleep. A good night’s sleep, not just once in a while, but on an ongoing basis, is absolutely critical for your good health.

Here are some tips to getting that best night of sleep courtesy of Goop:


1. Wake Up Right

2. Take Mindfulness Breaks

3. Get Some Natural Sunlight Every Day

4. Exercise

5. Avoid Caffeine

6. Try an Elimination Diet

7. Eat In Accordance With Your Body Rhythms

8. Pay Attention to Your Medications



1. Create a Regular Routine

2. Keep the Room As Dark As Possible

3. Keep the Room Cool

4. Block Out Noise

5. Skip Sleeping Pills

6. Don’t Use Alcohol to Fall Asleep

7. Take Nutrients That Calm Down the Nervous System

8. Try Some Melatonin at Night

Best Dressed: Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2017

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{Jennifer Aniston}

Best Dressed Women: 89th Academy Awards

{Viola Davis – Armani Privé}

{Halle Berry – Atelier Versace}

{Brie Larson – Oscar de la Renta}

{Jessica Biel – KaufmanFranco}

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{Nicole Kidman – Armani Privé}

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Best Dressed Men: 89th Academy Awards

{Josh Dallas}

{Ryan Gosling}

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{Mahershala Ali}

{Andrew Garfield}

{John Legend}

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Friday Favorites

{Julia Roberts – Valentino, 2001}

{Gwyneth Paltrow – Ralph Lauren, 1999}

{Kate Hudson – Versace, 2003}

{Jennifer Lopez – Armani Privé, 2010}

{Zoë Saldana – Givenchy Haute Couture, 2010}

{Marion Cotillard – Jean Paul Gaultier, 2008}

{Rachel McAdams – Elie Saab Couture, 2010}

{Kate Winslet – Ben di Lisi, 2002}

{Hilary Swank – Guy Laroche, 2005}

{Halle Berry – Elie Saab, 2002}

{Gwyneth Paltrow – Tom Ford, 2012}

Milk Alternatives

Along with limiting my sugar intake, I really try to limit my dairy intake as well. I’d much rather eat a wheel of brie cheese than to have skim milk in a latte. Priorities, people, priorities. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been blessed with adult acne (thanks hormones) and avoiding dairy and sugar as much as possible seems to help, along with a slew of face creams, masks and peels, this all seems to work together.

I’m allergic to almonds, soy adds to my acne, so unsweetened coconut milk is my milk of choice. Lauren Conrad’s website provides a great breakdown of non-dairy milk options, which I’ve shared below:

1. Soy Milk. Soy milk is to be one of the most popular non-dairy alternatives there is. The Starbuck Soy Latte has become almost as ubiquitous as it’s dairy counterpart. Soy contains phytoestrogens that can disrupt hormones, with prevalent side effects including acne, hypothyroid, infertility and even cancer.

2. Almond Milk. Almond milk is a contender for “best overall milk alternative”. It’s lacking in calcium, but loaded with Vitamin D and E. It’s also low in calories for anyone for whom that is a concern. Just make sure you choose a variety with no added sugar, and watch out for carrageenan (a harmful additive) on the ingredients list.

3. Coconut Milk. Real coconut milk is another amazing pick! It is a great source of manganese and MCT fats. The lauric acid present in coconut milk is even antibacterial. Opt for a minimally processed variety without additives like carrageenan or added sugar.

4. Hemp Milk. Hemp milk ties with almond for “best overall milk alternative” according to Kelly. It has all essential amino acids; omega 3 and 6; four grams of protein; Vitamins A ,D, and E; folic acid; phosphorus; magnesium; 46 percent of your RDA of calcium; Vitamin B12; and potassium. If you are looking for an alternative milk that nourishes, hemp is a pretty good bet.

5. Rice Milk. Rice milk has more carbohydrates than cow’s milk, without the fat or protein. It’s basically just starchy sugar water with very few real nutrients. Rice milk is what people who suffer from severe food allergies to dairy and nuts often turn to, but it’s not the best option out there if you can drink the others without issue.


Friday Favorites


Apps I love: Charity Miles

I recently heard about Charity Miles from a co-worker and completely loved the idea behind the app.

Having grown up volunteering with two different charities, I love that Charity Miles combines two of my favorite things: Giving back and logging those steps.

Charity Miles works with large corporations to donate money to over 30 charities on your behalf for every walk, run or bike ride taken. All you have to do is launch the app, pick a charity and head out for your choice of physical activity. Below is a breakdown of how money is donated for your choice of exercise:

  • Run / Walk: 25 cents a mile
  • Cycling: 10 cents a mile

Some of favorite charities participate on this awesome app: ASPCA, (RED), Stand Up To Cancer, charity: water, World Wildlife Fund, Nothing But Nets, to name a few.

Being able to help to a few of my favorite charities during my day to day activities is so easy to do and there’s really no excuse not to.






Happy Valentine’s Day

Best Dressed Women: The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

{Beyonce – Cavalli Couture}

{Demi Lavato – Julien Macdonald}

{Erika Jayne}

{Katherine McPhee -Thai Nguyen}

{Heidi Klum – Philipp Plein}

{Kat Graham – Jean Paul Gaultier}

{Carrie Underwood – Elie Madi }

{Chrissy Teigen – Roberto Cavalli}

{Jennifer Lopez – Ralph & Russo}

{Adele – Givenchy Haute Couture}

{Paris Jackson – Balmain}